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join the woolvolution, switch to Merino!

Økologisk merinould til baby og børn så blødt men kan holde til alt

We're taking it to the streets now, merino banners held high. We want the message to be heard and to be shared among all babies and children. No more torturous itchy bulky wool, no more chemicals on your skin - don't put up with it, join our shift to Merino, now.

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spring into Easter

Vores økologiske Merinould holder dit barn varm og tør inde og ude og ideelt til forårssæsonen


Easter Bunny here.

Spring has sprung in Scandinavia. For bunnies that means goodbye to the cold of our little burrows and hello to more frolicking outside.

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the case for merino

Økologisk merinould til babyer og børn i al slags vejr

Sometimes I wonder where I would have been without merino to wrap my babies in.  As a mum, I like to know my kids are comfortable no matter the weather. 

When my first boy was born, I received an inordinate amount of merino. Clothing, blankets, beanies and booties – all made out of this fiber that I hadn’t previously had much experience with (whaat??!!)

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covered in snow

Økologisk merinould inderste bløde lag i vinterkulden

It’s been a cold winter so far, only with little sign of change. Obviously this is superb for outdoor snow fun and skiing if you’re lucky (hurray!), yet usually not so good for parents of little people.

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itchy scratchy no more

pure organic merino wool silky soft on childrens skin

For some years now, New Zealand has been holding on to a little secret.

It's loved by athletes across the world...and babies (we'll get to what they have in common).

Its abilities reach far above any of its peers' on all accounts.

It’s called merino wool.

Ok so they haven’t actually been hiding it. New Zealand is a long way from many other places. Now the world is discovering the amazing properties of the revolutionising fabric.

“Revolutionized” is actually a word American news channel ABC News use to describe how merino is changing performance athletic wear.

ABC’s rationale? Merino breathes, is incredibly soft and lightweight – molding to your body unlike standard sheep wool.

We’re with ABC News on this.

Those very reasons that make merino a great fabric for athletic wear are the same that we discovered when we began our Roots & Wings journey, creating merino garments for kids and babies.

Like athletes, kids tend to be active. Very active!

Finding a fabric that can not only withstand the usual wear and tear, yet also one that will keep them warm and dry in winter, cool in the heat and that they find comfortable – well, that’s revolutionary!

We’re glad we found merino. We encourage you to watch the story too.

Or if you want more information, directly related to our products, we’ve got heaps of detail on our website as well.

Give your little athletes the best start by wrapping them in our revolutionary fibre: Roots & Wings Merino.

X Roots & Wings.

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welcome to Roots & Wings!

Roots & Wings Merino økologisk uld til baby og børn fra New Zealand 

This has been a project dear to our hearts and we’re so excited to be bringing it to you.  

Many months ago, while visiting friends and family in Denmark, we realized that while we Danes love wool, we didn't have easy access to quality organic, soft merino clothing for children. This is something our kids have in abundance here in New Zealand; a wardrobe staple to keep babies and children warm, dry and free to play, no matter the weather.

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