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Sharing the merino love

Our merino wool-loving hearts are very proud to see Roots & Wings Merino as part of MeMe & Co's handpicked boutiques, which means we get to share the merino love with a bigger, global audience who cares (like you!)
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Celebrating nature's miracle fibre

This week, The Campaign for Wool and its patron, HRH the Prince of Wales, are celebrating its 8th annual Wool Week in the UK. Wool Week celebrates the beauty and functionality of wool by hosting various events which educate, inspire and promote the benefits of wool. 

While we are not in the UK ourselves this week, we thought we'd share some education and inspiration from our own southern corner of the world about where our merino wool comes from and what makes it so special. 

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Handmade with care in New Zealand

Our Roots & Wings Merino business is built on trust: We trust nature to provide us with the purest quality merino and we know that you trust us to select the most ethical option during each step of our sourcing and manufacturing process.
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Back to School...Back to Quality Basics

School is definitely back! Some call it the silly season, and rightly so, especially if you have two or more little ones to pack lunches for, get up and out the door in the mornings. 

Whether you have one or more excited first-timers or seasoned campaigners to look out for this season, most moms are already wishing for a little more practicality in the daily struggle that is the back-to-school routine. 

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Caring For Super-Soft Organic Merino

While our organic merino wool is created with a lot of care and truly nature's miracle fibre, that doesn't mean it is difficult to care for. 

In fact, merino wool is one of the easiest fibres to care for, and doesn't need to be washed as often as many other fabrics. And no need to flat-dry, simply air-dry as normal (and tumble dry if it's too wet and rainy!)

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Why merino wool is getting more expensive

Merino is no longer the "secret from Down Under" that it once was. Nowadays, it's the preferred fabric of designers, adventurers, moms and kids around the world. 

Besides being one of the easiest fibres to work with, merino is extremely durable and will last the test of time, it’s perfect for any weather, kind to the environment and ultra soft on skin.

But is it worth investing in merino garments? As demand is rising, so is the cost of the wool. We break down some of the main points to consider when buying merino, and why the fibre is getting more expensive.  

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Why Designers Love Merino

We love knowing that while our children are wearing merino, they can play outside and explore nature in high-quality garments that keep them comfy and dry, while also regulating their temperatures to keep them cool in summer and warm in winter.

Merino is truly nature’s miracle wool, and the world is taking notice. Designers and fashion-lovers are experiencing a growing passion for merino.

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Dressing your kids for the outdoors (come rain or shine)

Children are more susceptible to cold for a simple reason: Their smaller bodies lose heat rapidly. Another less scientific reason is that they usually don't agree with all the layers that come with protecting them from the cold, rain or heat. And while we all want our children to roam free and enjoy all the beautiful things that the great outdoors has to offer, the question begs: How do we dress them for any weather?
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Are your little ones holiday-ready?

July is a very special month, wherever you are in the world. The schools are out and for many families, that means fun holidays in the great outdoors; from swimming and music festivals in the northern hemisphere, to skiing and stories by the campfire in the southern hemisphere.   

While these are definitely special times spent enjoying nature and bonding with family, the idea of packing for an outdoors adventure with small children causes the shivers in some parents, mostly because we know how fragile babies are to the elements.

The truth is, however, that with proper planning and preparation, you shouldn't worry about taking your little ones on holiday, and letting them run free and be kids.  

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How merino can help your baby sleep better

While we quite enjoy watching (our merino) sheep jump around on the Alps, many new parents may find that they spend a lot of nights counting them, especially with a newborn that struggles to sleep. 

Did you know? The natural properties of merino wool could make all the difference to a good quality sleep.

babies sleeping in merino wool

merino for better sleep

For centuries, parents have been wrapping their babies in the natural fibres of wool to keep them warm and comfortable. However, a recent study by the University of Sydney showed that merino wool specifically can increase total sleep time and improves efficiency of a baby’s sleeping pattern. This is linked to the natural temperature-regulating benefits of merino, as well as its softness and health benefits. 

Whether you’re using a merino blanket, wrap or clothing, they can all help your baby to sleep better, longer and safer. 

how merino helps improve your baby's sleep 

1. Soft to the touch

Organic merino is between 17 and 20 microns, which means that, even though it is very tough and durable, it doesn't have the typical itchy sensation associated with other chemically-processed fabrics or traditional wool. 

2. Temperature regulating properties

Babies cannot regulate their own temperature before the age of 18 months, which means that they can easily over-heat or get too cold. Merino's natural temperature regulating properties helps keep them comfortable. 

3. Natural fire resistance

Merino is naturally fire-resistant and will not burn. Unlike other fabrics used in baby sleepwear, merino does not need any additional chemicals to give it this fire-resistant property. 

4. Reduces skin allergies

Compared to other fabrics, merino has a superior resistance to the build-up of bacteria and odour, reducing the risk of skin allergies. 

5. Comfortable wear

Merino can stretch up to 30% of its own length, which allows it to follow your child's movements throughout the night while still fitting snugly. 


While it may not solve all the sleeping challenges you may face as the parent of a newborn, merino will certainly ensure that your baby gets high-quality sleep. 


Shop our favourite sleepwear essentials here. 

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